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Winning at The Point Of Pour

Thoughts from Michael Silvers of Uber Bar Tools.

When we think of a presented cocktail we visualise the outcome: the way the garnish is consciously perched, the way the colour fills the glass, the way at seemingly first blush drifting aromas turn into complex flavours— the way a cocktail will look and taste.

Do we stop to think about the process required to deliver this cocktail of expectations? Because nowadays, our clientle does.

Winning at the point of pour is understanding the importance of the entire sequence— the importance of all the inputs required to make a final drink. Be it the brands chosen, the bar tools selected or the bartending skills employed, there are many deeply running threads that contribute to a cocktail’s makeup, and customers are today are taking notice.

With the emergence of bespoke bars, consumers are becoming savvier. The once ignored undercurrents of what it takes to “make their drink” are beginning to rise as patrons are more inclined to value the experience beyond their cocktail and the expertise behind their serve.

Now, watching what goes on behind the bar is quickly becoming as important as what is delivered from it, and the environment we work in yet another element for those purchasing to peruse and consider.

Pouring the liquid, the movement of the bar spoon, the sound of your shake, everything falls under the vigilant gaze of someone waiting for a drink— use inferior brands, cheap products, inaccurate jiggers, rusty poorly fitted speed pourers and the game is over even before the liquid hits the bottom of a glass.

Investments in great brands, professional bar tools, great mixers and skilled bartenders are the only guarantee to ensure that a cocktail will be perfect, and the only way to ensure a hospitable future.

Winning at the point of pour is the total commitment to excellence – it’s the mindset with no compromise. It’s the dedication your guests are looking for and the experience they have come to expect.