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An Urban Brewery is Coming to Docklands This September

Not-so-new kid on the block, Urban Ale, has announced it will be opening its first brewery in Melbourne this September.

The beer has had a serious shake up of late, rebranding from Once Bitter Urban Ale to the straightforward Urban Ale, before starting this ambitious project.

The changes have come as the brand has stepped away from contract brewing and appointed Shaya Rubinstein as its head brewer.

“While we are very fond of our contract brewers and have enjoyed working with them, we are excited to have a space where we can develop and showcase the craft beer we are so passionate about,” said founder, Ze’ev Meltzer.

When the Docklands brewery site officially launches, the brand will be unveiling three new brews that will join the core range, as well as quarterly seasonal and monthly brewer’s select releases. Shaya will oversee the brewing of all the beers at the new Urban Alley Brewery site.

“For me, brewing is unique in the way that it allows for ultimate creativity whilst being rigidly scientific,” he says. “With sustainability being at the centre of what we do, we are highly focused on process and quality control to ensure we are producing the highest quality and most consistent products. I am excited to bring the market some truly unique products that will hopefully become some of Australia’s favourites.”

Once Bitter Urban Ale’s original release, the Urban Ale will remain the flagship of the brand. Bringing together the classic flavours of Australian golden ale and Belgian blonde, this balanced, tropical beer can already be found in many Melbourne venues, including Naked for Satan, The Smith Prahan, The European Bier Café and The Emerald Peacock. It will also be available in cans from Liquorlands, IGAs and other leading retailers and bottle shops across the state soon.