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Unite For The Night Like Our Jobs Depend On It!


Following the success of the 20,000 strong turnout for the ‘Don’t Kill Live Music’ rally, the Night Time Industries Association has announced a fundraising gig to kick off their campaign, Unite for the Night.

The concert will be held on the 7th of March at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. The night will entail stand-up comedy and live music from stars in both industries.

With performances by Gordi, Josh Pyke and the lead singer of Eskimo Joe, Kav Temperley and comedy routines by Cameron James, Matt Okine and Tom Ballard. Dance and laugh the night away in support of a great cause.

All artists are donating their time to support Sydney’s night-time economy, with more to be announced in the upcoming week.

Aria award winning artist Josh Pyke said “Live performance is the heart of being a musician in this country. We need places to hone our skills to compete in an international forum, and punters need places to explore the creativity of others as well as their own.”

The Unite for the Night campaign supports all aspects of the hospitality industry that are affected by Sydney’s strict laws. The heavy-handed treatment of our nightlife and festivals has cost the industry over $16 billion a year.

So grab a ticket below and help us Unite for the Night.

Tickets: $50
Venue: Metro Theatre, Syndey
Date: Friday 7th, March
Host: Danny Clayton
Stand Up: Cameron James, Matt Okine, Mel Buttle and Tom Ballard
Live Performances: Gordi, I Know Leopard, Josh Pyke and Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe)

More to be announced.