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Two Birds Brewing Launch new PALE

Hot on the heels of their Taco tinnie launch over summer, Two Birds Brewing has launched their latest brew, simply called PALE. The pale ale style brew is something the fans of Two Birds have been crowing for since the successful reception of their Oaty McOatface Pale Ale specialty brew last year. The roll out of PALE comes in conjunction with the announcement of a new bottling line the brewery have had installed, which will allow Two Birds to perform smaller packaging runs more often, meaning the beer will be getting out to the world as fresh as possible, as well as doubling their capacity.

The launch of PALE also heralds a revamped look and feel for the Two Birds brand, with each of the core ranges featuring new look illustrations that depict its origins. The full rollout will take place throughout 2017.


Drinks World sat down with Two Birds Brewing, Co-Founders Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis to get some insight into the new brew.

Drinks World: Can you tell me about the pale ale brew and what consumers can expect?

Jayne Lewis: It’s a New World style Pale Ale. It’s super pale and it’s also hazy which comes through from the addition of two different types of oats that we use in the brew, so it has flaked oats and golden naked oats, which is one of my favourite ingredients, I really just love the character that it brings to a beer, also they’re just really good for snacking on in general! The oats give the beer a really nice smoothness and roundness to the palate. In terms of the hops, we’ve used Amarillo, Australian Cascade and Mosaic, so that gives it this really nice pine and tropical character. For me the PALE is quite passionfruity and it also shows hints of pineapple as well, so it has this sort of resin and piney character and then all of the tropical notes. It’s quite a hop forward beer with really nice mouthfeel quality from the oats. 

DW: Why have you decided to add a Pale Ale to the range?

Danielle Allen: For a couple of reasons really. Firstly, we did a specialty batch of a beer we named Oaty McOatface last year and that was after we’d been getting lots of requests from our customers at our brewery and tasting room for a Pale Ale. So we produced that specialty batch and got great feedback on it, so it was a platform for us to then consider putting a Pale Ale into our regular lineup, which is what this beer is. Secondly, we think it’s a nice addition to compliment our other beers in the range. There’s a customer for all our styles of beer and Pale Ale, we see as going from strength to strength and there’s a lot of growth in that style, and it’s the style that’s definitely capturing people over from mainstream beer into craft, and we want to be a part of that and bring people into craft.

DW: Is the PALE going to be added to the permanent range? Will it be available in both the on-premise and off-premise?

DA: We’ve made it in both pack and keg, so we have the ability to split any of our batches into keg and pack, so this is one we intend to brew year-round. It will be available in both bottle and keg as of Thursday February 16, so we are rolling them out at the same time. 

DW: The final batch of the Two Birds Bantam IPA has been brewed. Was the PALE brewed to fill the gap in the range with the Bantam leaving? 

JL: They’re quite different beers and potentially quite different customers as well. We looked at our range and thought of what would fit in with that, and that’s where we ended up with the PALE.

DA: I mean there’s no rules on how many beers we have in our ongoing range, but we definitely felt it’s the time and the place for us to release a pale, given all of the new additions that we have, including our new bottling line, it seemed like the perfect time to release a new beer, with a new look and feel in conjunction with our new bottling line. 

DW: Are you doing any special events or launches at The Nest, and in other venues for the PALE?

JL: We’ve got events planned for The Nest. We’re planning to get a lot of our supporters down to try out the new beer, and we’ve got a special tour happening for our Frequent Flyers, our loyalty program for people that come to The Nest quite often. We’ll be doing a bit of a tour for those guys, showing them the packaging line and have a pale ale and have a wander around to check it all out. It’s pretty much just going to be a chance for people to come in and try the new beer, and also a chance for us internally as well to sit and have a beer and celebrate the work that’s gone into getting us all to this point.

DA: We’ve got a pretty good spread of different customers that have come on board to help us launch the beer across NSW and VIC, so from Thursday there will be about a dozen or so venues with the PALE on tap, and flowing out to independent bottle shops as well.

Two Birds PALE is set to be brewed year-round and will be available both on-tap and in package from Thursday, February 16.

Head to twobirdsbrewing.com.au for more info