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STARWARD Has Travelled The World For You

David Vitale - Starward Founder

STARWARD’s Seafarer has endured dramatic weather and sailed the world just for you! In partnership with Cunard’s, celebrating the Queen Elizabeth’s inaugural homeporting season in Australia, STARWARD has announced a very special single malt whisky.

225-litre oak barrels filled with Starward Seafarer Whisky have been fixed to the open decks of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth for 347 days, while it sailed across the globe.

David Vitale – Starward Founder

“Our partnerships were all designed to give Queen Elizabeth a special Australian flavour and our collaboration with STARWARD has delivered this, quite literally,” said Mr Palethorpe, Cunard President.

The exclusive whisky has battled temperatures from 0 to 32 degrees while being in constant motion from the sea. The whisky is a strong sunset orange and has the aroma of marzipan, apricot, currants, red apple and baking spices.

Seafarer Whisky Tasting

David Vitale, founder of STAWARD, said, “While The Seafarer still has STARWARD’s trademark fruit characters, the oak influences are stronger, our jammy characteristics have developed with time and the dessert cooking spices like vanillin are more identifiable.”

Its time on the sea has actually made the whisky lose alcohol percentage in the barrel due to the marine maturation. Which is a first for STARWARD whisky.

The Seafarer is exclusive to those onboard the cruise ship and at the STARWARD Port distillery in Melbourne. Making it a very limited line that we hope to see again in the future.