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Rum Diary Spiced Rum to Launch NSW Comp with Tiki Party

W.A. Winner Elise Godwin

Melbourne based The Rum Diary Spiced Rum is hosting a party this Sunday, September 3 at Sydney’s Burrow Bar to help launch the NSW leg of their “Of All Things Tiki, Land and Sea” bartending competition. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tiki party without a cocktail on arrival, and Rum Diary signature serves and cocktails throughout the night. A masterclass will kick off proceedings at 6pm with tastings of Rum Diary Spiced, including Traditional Batch 11, Royal Fortune Navy Strength and the Experimental Kitchen Series Cherry Spiced Rum.

Rum Diary Brand Ambassador Dan Monk will also be in attendance to answer all your questions and will also do a cameo guest shift, mixing up drinks with the crew from Burrow Bar. Keep an eye out for some killer cocktails made with Royal Fortune Navy Strength Rum, the newest addition to The Rum Diary range.

Following the event, after everyone is acquainted (or reacquainted) with The Rum Diary offerings, entries for the NSW leg of their competition will be open. Entries run until Sunday, October 1. Six entries will be chosen to compete in the State Final, happening a week later on Sunday, October 8 taking place in an unknown location (so watch this space).

The NSW winner then goes head to head with the country’s finest at the National Final in Melbourne, for a weekend of challenges from sea to farm to city. The W.A., QLD, and Victorian state finals have already taken place with Elise Godwin of Perth’s Dominion League, Josh O’Brien of The Bowery in Brisbane and Julian Alphonso of Melbourne’s Nieuw Amsterdam taking out their respective states. Elise Godwin’s winning cocktail, Tiger’s Tears caught our attention and sounds delicious!. It combines Rum Diary Spiced Rum with Angostura Reserva Blanco Rum, Amontillado Sherry, Mango Juice, Kithu Treacle (made from the sap of a palm tree that grows in Sri Lanka), Tamarind Water, Coconut Yogurt and some Angostura Bitters. Elise told Drinks World, “The drink is inspired by Sri Lankan cuisine (where my mother is from). It’s called Tigers’s Tears as in 2009 the government ended a 25-year civil war with the Tamil Tigers. The drink represents freedom in the face of hardship, much how tiki was a solace from prohibition. Tiki is a mindset, not a destination”.

Elisa Godwin’s Tiger’s Tears Cocktail

The overall winner will have the opportunity to work alongside Rum Diary founder Hamish Goonetilleke and Dan Monk to produce their own limited release spiced rum, which will also be entered in multiple International Spirits Competitions, so who knows you may even take home a gold from the San Francisco Spirit Awards next year!

QLD Winner Josh O’Brien

The Lowdown

To enter, all you need to do is create a new Tiki classic influenced by your surroundings; the city, the land and the sea. Create a tropical masterpiece and showcase your skills.

Drink Rules

-Minimum 30mls Rum Diary Spiced Rum

-Maximum of 8 ingredients can be used

-House-made ingredients are permitted

-No use of any illegal substances of ingredients

-The cocktail must have a notable signature inspiration to link it to Tiki classics and a notable like as how it has been inspired by your city, landscape, and heritage.

-The cocktail can contain no more than 2.5 standard drinks

How to Enter

  • Send your entry to daniel@rumdiarybar.com.au
  • 1 x “Of All Things Tiki” cocktail (name and recipe)
  • 1 x High-resolution photo (this will be used for Social Media leading up to the event)
  • 1 x Bad chat of how your drink is inspired by Tiki classics and your city.
  • Entries close on Sunday, October 1 at midnight.

So get at it, give us your best Tiki drink.

For more, check out rumdiarybar.com.au/allthingstiki/