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Riedel’s Limited Edition Mini Decanters: Small In Size, Big In Appeal


Decanting wine is often an overlooked or missed step when serving wine. A process some may think is unnecessary or too much effort.

However, when you are slowly decanting your wine you are leaving the sediment in the bottle. Leaving a nice clear wine in your decanter and subsequently your glass. You’re also giving your tipple the chance to take in oxygen and aerate. Drastically opening up its aromas and flavours.

So in hindsight, spending an extra 3 minutes to change your wine’s experience is super worth it. And why not do it in style? Riedel has just released all their best-selling decanters and reinvented them in mini form.

Making the decanting period shorter and easier to clean, while still getting to enjoy it’s ergonomic and aesthetical brillance.

This limited edition range includes the Amadeo, Horn, Ayam, Curly Pink, Mamba and Cornetto. Each with the ability to hold 375ml (half a bottle), making them perfect to store behind the bar and beautiful decoration/experience for a dining table.

Riedel Limited Edition Mini Decanters

These mouth-blown, handmade decanters are produced at the Riedel factory in Kufstein. They’ll be available in Australia from May 2019. For more information or to order these products, please contact RSN Australia: sales@rsnaustralia.com.au | +61 (0) 2 9966 0033