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Riedel Launch Bar Specific Glassware Range

In collaboration with New York based spirits specialist Zane Harris, Riedel has produced the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE collection. With six new glasses in the range, the glassware has been designed with restaurants and bars in mind.

Riedel CEO and President Maximilian J Riedel says, “Riedel has always been a great proponent in helping to identify and create consumer and hospitality demand for better stemware, as we believe that elevating any experience elevates all experiences. Every Riedel series has resulted from our keen pulse on consumer tastes and a drive for constant innovation to meet these demands. Riedel Bar Drink Specific Glassware is no different.”

The glassware is based on the traditional classic cocktails: The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep and Harris has created each glass giving specific attention to detail to its size, volume and capacity for ice.

The glassware has been intentionally designed to accommodate the new ‘large format’ ice. Harris notes, “Ice has the greatest influence in glassware design as it is in so many drinks, not just the cocktail. The new glasses are designed to seamlessly answer two of hospitality’s greatest frustrations: liquid displacement, and the distorted consumer perception of being under-served.”

“Ultimately, it is crucial to understand the finest points of hospitality service, by factoring in bartender efficiency, guest perception and pour cost,” says Harris. “We even consider carbon footprint reduction in our designs. This is the only line of glassware that combines all of these important issues. These glasses were made with your business in mind.”

Highball, Rocks, Neat, Fizz, Nick & Nora, and Sour.

Priced and sold exclusively for on-premise and hospitality venues, the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE series can be purchased by beverage and hospitality trade via www.riedel.com.