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PUNCHY…(Without The Punch)


Almost half of the UK population has reported being pressured to drink before. Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, the founder of PUNCHY, saw an opportunity in the market and created the world’s first 4% and 0% abv rum punch.

They’ve recently launched a new tequila, pink grapefruit, lime and chilli line, giving even more of a choice for those wanting to abstain from alcohol.

On top of that, PUNCHY is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and low in calories. Its sugar content is also very low, at 9.9 grams per bottle. Meaning the product passes under the sugar tax threshold.

We caught up with Paddy Cavanagh-Butler to ask him a few questions about this regret free tipple.

PUNCHY Tequila
 What made you want to create a 0% ABV, vegan, GF and low sugar tipple? 

It began when researching mocktail ideas for a holiday I was going on in which I couldn’t drink, I saw a real lack of premixed options that catered to the new dieting habits of consumers today and decided I would try and build a brand that did just that.

The non-alcoholic liquor category is quite small, but slowly growing, why is it important to have more of a selection in 0% ABV drinks?

 So many people can’t drink, don’t drink, or want to cut back on their booze, yet there are so few options for them. And out of those options, it is hard to find something that isn’t full of sugar or has a great flavour. Lots of consumers are placing greater emphasis on their health and are having a more balanced approach to drinking, not just their diet.

What’s in the future for PUNCHY? Will we see it in the Australasia region soon?

 Hopefully! The plan is to establish ourselves in the UK first and foremost before looking further afield, we’re focusing our efforts in the On-Trade with our On-Tap format, and our bottled format in the On-Trade, and hopefully by mid next year we’ll be exporting.

Is PUNCHY incorporating any sustainability practices?

We always act as sustainably as possible, to this end we recently launched On-Tap and use re-usable key kegs, and we also have no plastic on our bottled packaging.