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Peroni’s New Makeover To Takeover The Premium Beer Category

Peroni x Double Rainbouu uniforms

Peroni is currently going through their most significant global brand makeover since 2005 and it’s currently being rolled out across Australian now!

Evoking classic Italian style through their new bottle, glass and revamped logo. It’s only re-affirmed the brands premium positioning.

Peroni’s new bottle is an elegant and sleek design which takes inspiration from the brand’s rich history, reintroducing its iconic elements such as sophisticated curves and an engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni, the founding father of Peroni.

Peroni’s New Bottle

Their logo has also evolved into a classic iconic style with references to the brand’s Roman provenance in a new, hexagonal label on the bottle. Inspired by the centre of the original Birra Peroni Crest.

Each change softly reflects the brand’s authentic Italian heritage in keeping with its iconic blue, red and white colours.

Peroni’s New Look

Peroni has always brought Italian style to the world of beer and our bottle and glass are one of the strongest drivers of our brand equity,” says Grayson Cook, Marketing Manager for Peroni. “We tested the new designs through consumer research and received outstanding results for premium perception, purchase intent and link to Italian heritage and style.”

Peroni will also be expanding its portfolio throughout 2019 to include Peroni Red (the original and number one selling beer in Italy), as well as some exciting brand innovations due later in the year.