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The Nordic Gods To Descend Upon Melbourne With Speakeasy’s Newest Bar

Since mid-2017, the Nordic gods have showered their blessings upon Sydneysiders, and now it’s Melbourne’s turn.

Speakeasy Group’s lauded Viking-chic dining room and bar, Mjølner, is predicted to open its doors on Hardware Street, Melbourne at the end of March.

The two-levels of the venue, the 80-seat dining room and the enchanting, softly lit bar, will unite contemporary Scandinavian design with Viking-esque finishes to create a space fit for a god (specifically the almighty Thor).

Guests will be encouraged to nestle into a booth or take a seat at the bar, located on the ground floor, and order their favourite tipple or try something new from the bespoke cocktail list.

Like the Sydney venue, there will be a clear spirits focus, with a fully stocked back bar featuring an array of whisk(e)ys.

For those harbouring a Viking hunger, the bar will serve medieval fare and some Speakeasy classics, such as the famous Trencher – a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with slow cooked meats.

Hunger still not satisfied? Head on upstairs to the dining room where they’ll be serving up daily rotating specials of bird, beast, fish and vegetable, alongside extravagant shared feasts and meat-driven mains.

Gorge to your hearts content, comfortably settled at one of the private dining tables, booths or bar seating.

Mjølner Melbourne follows on from the widely successful flagship in Sydney and is the third Melbourne venue for the Speakeasy Group.


Address: 106 Hardware Street,
Melbourne 3000

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday 5pm – 3am