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New World Whiskey Westward Asia Launch

Westward Whiskey

The highest-rated American Single Malt whiskey Westward has launched in Singapore, its first market for Asia.

The award-winning whiskey seeks perfection through its philosophy of minimalist distilling. With a huge emphasis and care into mashing and fermenting, and every step of the process executed perfectly, the result is a whiskey that is rich in character and full of flavour.

“Following a successful launch in Australia, we’re thrilled to bring Westward Whiskey to Asia with our launch in Singapore,” says Christian Krogstad, Founder & Master Distiller, Westward Whiskey. “We’re seeing a lot of excitement for American Single Malts as whiskey enthusiasts around the world discover the category and look forward to expanding that here in Singapore.”

Westward brews its own pale ale using 100 per cent locally malted barley, ale yeast, and uses slow, low-temperature fermentation. The beer is then distilled twice in custom pot stills to create a bold, robust spirit. The whiskey is then aged in lightly charred American Oak barrels in Portland which has the ideal climate to create a world-class single malt whiskey.

Tasting Notes
Westward American Single Malt Whiskey awards an elegantly robust and fruity aroma, with creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes. Entry to the palate shows baking spice, lush fruit, and sweet malt. The finish begins with tobacco, dark chocolate, and leather with a lingering oak sweetness that gives way to stone fruit.

ABV: 90 proof (45% ABV)