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Mjølner Sydney Release New Cocktail Menu

Alissa Gabriel, Bar Manager Mjølner Sydney

With the warmer months upon us, Mjølner Sydney is releasing a new list featuring 10 new cocktails. Under the guidance of award-winning bartender and bar manager of Mjølner Sydney, Alissa Gabriel has curated a list with a focus on Scandi design, sustainability, texture and flavours.

Blood Thirsty

With a huge focus on sustainability in the industry, most of the garnishes on the new menu is derived from ingredients in the drinks. For example the Blood Thirsty, the bartenders make a tomato consommé and after letting it drip clarify, they take the spiced tomato pulp and turn it into a leather crisp as the garnish. “Which, no joke, tastes like an Arnott’s pizza shape” says Alissa.

To The Hilt

The cocktails don’t have a huge emphasis on Scandinavian ingredients, but more of the strange worldly flavours the Vikings would have encountered during their travels. “It let me explore some strange flavour combinations and discover some amazing ingredients, like Schisandra Berry (used in the Voyger) – also known as the five spice berry” says Alissa.

Pillagers Downfall