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Mikey Enright’s Mixers are a ‘Masterpiece’

Mikey Enright - Artisan Drinks

Award-winning bar owner Mikey Enright and entrepreneur Steve Cooper have teamed up together with artist Alan Walsh in creating a new range of premium craft mixers. The range includes three unique tonics made from 100% natural ingredients, with a Barrell Smoked Cola soon to come.

The Artisan Drinks Co.

These new craft mixers include the Classic London Tonic which combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes perfect for drier gins. The Skinny London Tonic with a blend of aromatic botanicals with orange & lemon essences. And lastly, the Violet Blossom Tonic which combines the floral flavours of Elderflower, Apple & Violet Blossoms with fragrant herbs & refreshing citrus notes.

Violet Blossom Tonic – Artisan Drinks Co.

“I know how important mixers are to the quality of a great cocktail or gin & tonic and I wanted to create a range which really complements the character of premium spirits. Balance is everything in cocktails”, said Mikey Enright, “and each Artisan recipe has been designed to work with the flavours of some of my favourite craft gins”.

Artist – Alan Walsh

These one-of-a-kind recipes have been expertly created by Mikey Enright behind the bar, with Alan Walsh designing the vibrant bottle artworks in his renowned art deco meets pop art style. Giving the bottles life with bright colours and elegant imagery.

The phenomenal growth of the craft drinks category shows no signs of slowing in Australia, with the premium gin market growing by 23% in the last year. In fact, three in five drinkers say the quality of mixer is just as important as the quality of the spirit and over a third (34%) of spirit drinkers order a premium mixer every time.