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Marshall and Egerton Set To Open Charlie Parker’s

Merivale’s highly-anticipated Fred’s and Charlie Parker’s bar and restaurant venues on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

Toby Marshall and Sam Egerton

Tuesday 25 October, marked the opening day for Merivale’s highly-anticipated Fred’s and Charlie Parker’s bar and restaurant venues on Sydney’s Oxford Street. Shaped by a unifying philosophy honouring the origins behind ingredients, the new bar and restaurant venue hopes to elevate produce using new, innovative and old-world techniques.

Carrying knowledge and training from the esteemed Californian restaurant owner and pioneer of the “farm to table food movement” Alice Waters, Fred’s Head Chef Danielle Alvarez conjured her passion for sustainability by spending the last five years meticulously penning a list of like-minded chefs and farmers to supply a majority of Fred’s locally-sourced and all-natural ingredients. From her supply of quality produce, Alvarez will craft a menu to highlight the integrity of the best ingredients available that day or week.


Alvarez and co. will add to Fred’s natural ambience by cooking on free standing Tuscan grills and a large custom hearth. Alvarez “Cooking with fire is first and foremost about flavour, but I also love using it because I think working with an open flame makes you a better chef. You have to use all of your senses”. One of Alvarez’s hopes is that people can taste the love and thought behind her cooking and that guests will feel that they’ve been very well taken care of.

The restaurant also features over 100 wine selections curated by Head Sommelier Caitlyn Rees and will focus on small-batch wines and a constantly rotating ‘wine by the glass’ list that complements Alvarez’s menu.

Directly below Fred’s is the home of Charlie Parker’s, a bar whose produce-driven cocktails mirrors Alvarez’s emphasis on freshness and quality. Bartenders Toby Marshall and Sam Egerton experimented and explored new flavours and created an impressive drink menu inspired by botany.


Charlie Parker’s prides itself on ensuring that every aspect of their drinks is executed in the best possible way to enhance the patron’s drinking experience. Also complimenting the drinks is Alvarez’s special bar menu that will feature inventive bites like Jerusalem artichoke, feta cheese with grapes and pickled chillies.

Fred’s is 60 seats of thoughtfully chosen décor throughout the venue and echoes its central ethos: nothing is by accident and everything has a purpose. Designed by a creative team from ACME & Co., Fred’s is crafted to resemble an extension of the home, which attributes to its intimate and personal vibe. Deep and understated colours adorn Fred’s entirety and conjure the sophistication of a French bastide.

Address: 380 Oxford Street, Paddington