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When two mates with a shared passion for Tequila got together and developed their own Tequila the furthest thing from their minds was to create a brand. A few years after starting Casamigos that’s exactly what happened – and now that brand is the fastest growing Tequila in the United States.

The essence of the Casamigos story can be explained in the name; loosely translated as House of Friends. George Clooney and Rande Gerber created it for themselves in partnership with the local distillery near where they were building houses in Mexico (as you do). It was never meant for general sale. The two friends enjoyed it, took some home with them and shared it among friends. The problem only came when they shared too much, prompting a call from the distillery – perplexed at the quantity they were ordering.

“They said … either you’re selling it or you’re drinking too much” Gerber said, and that “we had to get licensed in order to keep producing it, or face getting shut down.”

They had in fact reached 2,000 bottles a year at that stage, often packaged in plastic bottles and simply handed out to friends – while the attention to detail in creating beautiful Tequila was there, the packaging was not destined for resale. It was time to go large or go home. They chose the former.

Casamigos is now available in Australia and is distributed by Think Spirits, whose on-premise specialist, John Gakuru, presented the Tequila to an audience of Sydney bartenders at Mejico in Pitt Street today – key to making the brand fly here in Australia.Jon Gakuru

“The Tequila was made to share with friends, it’s the core of the story behind Casamigos”, said Gakuru; keen to emphasize the quality of the liquid.

Jon Howells and Pat BorgSharing Tequila with friends on a Monday afternoon. What better way to start the week? None we can think of.