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Lasso In Your Cowboy Chums for Cocktails and Some Darn Good Meatballs

Round up your (outlaw) gang and get ready for a wild (west) time, there’s a new (Sundance) kid in town.

Spaghetti Western, Adelaide’s latest saloon bar, is crossing the new frontier to conquer the world of cocktails and hearty cuisine.

Situated on the ground floor of the triple-story King William Street complex, the venue is the perfect location for you and your band of bandits to take a tipple after a hard day of heists (or lawful employment).

Swing through the doors and plunk yourself down amongst headshots of the great Hollywood “cowboys” of yesteryear, like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

Steve Threlfo, assistant manager and award-winning bartender, runs this drinks joint, shooting out Italian-American inspired cocktails to give you that needed spark.

Thrifty frontiersmen take note of their Friday happy hour specials and toe-tapping entertainment from DJ Krispy.

All cowboys need a filling fare as ammunition to take on the harsh wildness of the work week and Spaghetti Western have you covered with their Monday Meatball Madness.

From 5pm-7pm, you can challenge your buddies to the ultimate meatball duel, demolishing a bucket of 20 veal and pork meatballs, topped with tomato sugo, parmesan and herb bread crumbles for only $30.

Spaghetti Western is opening Monday to Friday 11am – 2am and Saturdays 5pm – 2am.