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Kurtis Bosley’s First Venue – Corretto Dee Why

Corretto DY

Kurtis Bosley has recently opened Corretto in Dee Why, which is his very first venue to own. Despite his full hands in the industry, Kurtis continues to take it by storm with his restaurant that’s already loved by locals. We caught up with him to talk about his success and new venue.

Tell us a bit about your new venue, what’s it’s POV?

The venue is an all-day drinking and dining destination. I wanted to create a little neighbourhood eatery and operative bar that people come to, to enjoy over a couple of hours. Rather than rushing in, eating, drinking and leaving.

What made you take on this adventure?

I’m a sucker for punishment… hahah no, I know if I’m comfortable, I’m not growing. So it was time to get back into the feeling of being uncomfortable and needing to learn and push myself.

Corretto – Kurtis Bosley

Before taking over Twenty Four you said, “The market is missing a great brunch spot on the beaches”. How have you contributed to fixing this issue?

I’m so excited to see how many people are coming in to enjoy our brunch menu with drinks and food. It’s still very early on so we will start to push this a lot more in the coming months.

What would your advice be to someone who is about to open their first restaurant/bar?

Do your research and don’t jump into the ownership game unless you’re properly ready. It’s a tough slog, so be prepared for the worst as you’ll find anything that can go wrong usually does. Also, budget an additional 25% of what you think you need, it’ll come in handy later on.

Corretto Interior

How are you managing to stay on top of CBK hospitality, your very successful Instagram & new venue?

The two work pretty well together, I’m fortunate that the new venue has created a bunch of new content for the CBK account. Especially after a bit of time without anything new, as my full focus was getting the new venue up and running.

You were recently featured in GQ Magazine, BarFly and placed in our Top 25 Bartenders Australia 2018! How do you maintain this great career growth?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing opportunities thrown my way that I’ll forever be grateful for. A genuine love of what I do also helps with the extremely long hours!

Corretto – Bar

Is Corretto Dee Why carrying out any sustainable practices?

Creating a venue that focuses heavily on this wasn’t my original plan but has become a big part of our day to day life. Working closely with the kitchen, to better use all our produce. Asking suppliers to use some lesser known products and some more involved processes including printing our business cards on recycled t-shirt off cuts and creating new products from waste around the bar has been super fun.