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Jameson Cold Brew Lands in Australia

Jameson has released Jameson Cold Brew, an innovative take on the Irish Whiskey and coffee.

The launch is set to inspire bartenders and appeal to lovers of great whiskey, coffee and food with a new Jameson experience that can be taken from day to night.

Jameson Cold Brew is a blend of the finest cold brew coffee extract from 100% Fairtrade arabica beans and triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey.

The result is a new, smooth and premium Irish whiskey experience that delivers a bold coffee taste, complemented by the vanilla nuttiness of Jameson and a warming mouthfeel on the finish.

Eric Thomson, Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard Australia, said “Over the past ten years, we have seen the continued rise in popularity of both Irish whiskey and craft coffee culture, and while the two are no strangers in the glass we wanted to modernise this iconic duo. Jameson Cold Brew combines the best of both worlds in a new and refreshing way and we are confident that Irish whiskey and coffee fans alike will enjoy the taste experience it offers.”

With the growing success of Irish whiskey, top quality coffee and coffee-driven cocktails, there’s no doubt Jameson Cold Brew will be a success in the Australian market.