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Archie Rose: Smoke on the Water


Archie Rose Distilling Co. is launching Smoked Gin, which will be their second release under the Archie Rose Concepts label.

This gin is a result of the R&D phase of Archie Rose’s recent Summer Bush Gin when Master Distiller, Dave Withers borrowed the wood-fired oven from Archie Rose’s neighbour. He created smoked water using large hand-cut blocks of ice and sustainably sourced NSW ironbark to fuel the fire.

The gin features this smoked water along with juniper, native thyme, wattleseed, caraway and a small amount of distilled chocolate malt.


“The smoked water is really engaging and strong, so whilst originally earmarked for our Summer Bush Gin, we thought it deserved its own release under the Archie Rose Concepts label,” said Dave Withers, Master Distiller at Archie Rose.

This dry and savoury gin has rich earthy notes with accents of barbeque and char, making it perfect with citrus juice of any kind (especially grapefruit) and soda water. Not to mention alongside smoked meats, barbecued prawns and wood-fired bread.

“Our nature at Archie Rose is to be innovative and progressive. We can be quite restless, and being a young company, we like to explore,” said founder, Will Edwards.