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Helpful Health Tips From Two DJs-Cum-Health Professionals


For those of you lucky enough to attend our T25 Australia Bartender Awards party in August, you may have noticed the two gents up on stage spinning the awesome tunes that set the scene for the incredible night. What you may not know is that Ben Morris and Bryce Fleming are far from your average Saturday night disc jockeys.

The pair actually run successful health and fitness studio, Alignment Health in Sydney’s Milsons Point. As a personal trainer and an accredited chiropractor (that’s Dr. Bryce to you!), they design programs for busy people to lose weight, feel fitter and improve their overall wellbeing.

Ben and Dr. Bryce also have unique insight into the health issues that affect the bar and hospitality communities, as both have worked behind bars and DJ decks for many years.

“After 15 years producing and playing music all over the world, I realised that the late nights and takeaway food was really taking a toll on my health,” says Ben. “I was tired all the time, found myself in foul moods and was quite overweight. It was when I saw myself at 95kgs that I knew I needed to do something about my health.”

“My story is fairly similar,” echoes Dr. Bryce. “I was DJing and doing bar work to pay my way through university, but I felt terrible the whole time!”

“We love the nightlife and we both still DJ on the weekend all over Sydney. The really good thing is that we are now fit enough and have the energy to run Alignment Health during the week alongside our DJ work.  I supposed we haven’t completely changed, it’s more like we added health to our hospitality habits!”

Bryce and Ben

Ben says it is this shared background that has seen him achieve great results with his clients that work in hospitality.

“I think that coming from the nightclub world makes it easy to relate and understand the challenges that quite a few of my clients’ face. Shared between a few of Sydney’s finest DJs and producers, I have helped them collectively lose 43kgs.”

Another common issue Ben and Dr. Bryce see with their bartender and hospitality clients is poor posture and back strain. Dr. Bryce says this has further reaching implications than simply causing back pain.

“When your spine is misaligned, it can cause back pain, sure. However, what most people don’t know is that it affects how your brain and nervous system work too,” he says.

So, what practices can you put in place to start feeling stronger and healthier both behind the bar and in your day-to-day life? Ben says the first place to start is ensuring you’re consuming a well-rounded diet.

“The first thing I tell all my clients is to add good quality protein and a bit of good fat to every meal. Don’t focus on giving up the things you enjoy (like a nice cold beer or the odd cocktail!) until you have added the right stuff back in first. That way, you have a far greater chance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle rather than failing like so many people do with the ‘all or nothing’ approach.”

“I also suggest moving your whole body for a short period every day,” says Dr. Bryce. “It doesn’t have to be for a long time, in fact the shorter and more intense the better! Sure, you will burn a heap of calories working behind the bar, however doing something like 10 or 20 quick burpees will massively kick-start your brain, making you feel more alert and burn fat quicker!”

Ben and Dr. Bryce have combined their experience in the industry and their health knowledge to create the ‘Clubbers Guide to Health’. The simple six-point guide identifies small changes that drastically improved the wellbeing of the DJs-cum-health professionals, and they’re offering it to Drinks World readers for free!

Click on this link to download your free copy!