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H2melon – Aussie First Pure Watermelon Water


From the creators of the wildly popular H2coco comes new brand H2melon.

Launching later this month, H2melon Pure Watermelon Water is the first 100 per cent natural, long-life watermelon water available in Australia and New Zealand.

Having conquered the coconut water world, H2coco Founder and CEO David Freeman is excited to turn the favourite Aussie fruit into a ready-to-drink product with plenty of health benefits.

“Whether it’s been your favourite type of fruit, lolly or lip balm, watermelon has been in your life. It just hasn’t been available as a packaged, ready-to-drink product in Australia or New Zealand. Now it is!”, says David. “And like coconut water, watermelon has many health benefits, including electrolytes, lycopene and l-citrulline, making H2melon the sister H2coco always wanted,” said David.

The tasty refreshing drink is also long-life and preservative free, and suitable for those who are gluten, lactose and dairy intolerant.

H2melon Pure Watermelon Water launches in Woolworths and Caltex Smartmart later this month in 500ml and 1L sizes, with further retailers being added from April 2017.

For more information visit www.h2melon.com, phone 1800 H2COCO or email orders@h2melon.com.