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Go Bananas For CARGO CULT’s New Spiced Rum

CARGO CULT small batch rum will release banana spiced rum in Australia this month.

It was CARGO CULT’s ambassador in London that first suggested the union, remarking on how the fruit pairs perfectly with CARGO CULT in cocktails. With the average Australian eating 19.1kg of bananas per year and Papua New Guinea and Fiji abundant with the fruit, the match between this South Pacific Island rum and the beloved banana seemed inevitable.

After months of trial and error, the brains behind the brand decided to infuse the existing spiced rum with banana and the extract from redistilling banana purée.

As a result, the spirit remains classified as a rum, at 38% ABV, and has a natural sweet banana aroma and taste balanced by the spices already found in CARGO CULT Spiced Rum.

Recommended served in a Banana Old Fashioned, Banana Daiquiri, Banana Yacht Club, Banana Espresso Martini, or with fruit juices, coke or tonic. The first batch will be available from Think Spirits later this month.