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New Fever-Tree Tonics Launch for the Aussie Summer

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Fever-Tree has just launched two new tonics, Elderflower and Lemon, in anticipation of the warmer months ahead.

In a constant quest to create delicious mixers that revolutionise the classic tonic, Fever-Tree has sourced hand-picked flowers from a small Gloucestershire farm on the edge of Cotswolds, UK for its Elderflower variant. The flowers, picked between the full-bloom months of May and June, are renowned as some of the highest quality.

On the nose, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic has a slightly sweet and floral aroma, with subtle citrus notes. The flavour is clean and fresh with a smooth mouth-feel.

fever-tree tonics

The Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic uses a blend of the highest quality lemon oils, fresh lemon juice and subtle botanical flavours of the signature quinine – the medicinal extract from the Cinchona tree that was used to treat malaria (colloquially known as “fever” at the time, thus the “fever-tree”) and made palatable when the bark extract that was mixed with sugar and water (an early tonic) was combined with gin. Fever-Tree has restored the taste and quality of the long-standing mixer with this variant, sourcing its quinine all the way from the Congo.

Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic has a soft, subtle lemon flavour that is balanced by the bitterness of the quinine, resulting in a crisp and refreshing flavour. The high carbonation delivers bursts of fresh citrus aromas, perfect for fruity gin infusions, simple cocktails or mixed with premium vodkas.

fever-tree tonics

As with all Fever-Tree mixers, the new varieties contain no sulphites or preservatives and are made with all-natural ingredients.

Fever-Tree Asia-Pacific Brand Director Andy Gaunt said, “We are all looking for more natural flavour and this is partly behind gin’s growth in Australia. At Fever-Tree, we have pioneered a tonics category to match the wide range of gin flavours now available, creating a world of new possibilities for the iconic G&T.”

The two additions now join the Fever-Tree range alongside the Indian Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic and Naturally Light Tonic.

fever tree tonics
Fever-Tree Tonic range

Fever-Tree Elderflower and Lemon Tonics are now available in 200ml four packs at select bars and liquor stores across Australia, RRP $9.99.