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Felons Brewing Co. Go Ale’ Natural

Felons - Natural Ale

After its huge success among the public at Riverside Brewery, Felons Brewing Co. is adding a new offering to their core range of beers with a ‘Natural Ale’.

Selling up to 2500L of the Ale during a limited-edition Boxing Day release, the new core beer will be available on tap, in cans and in 16 can cartons.

The team at Felons Brewing Co. have captured the easy, breezy summer of Brisbane in a can.

With punchy passionfruit and mango characters shaping the flavour of this beer, the addition of local malt and wheat adds a refreshing touch.

Felons – Natural Ale

Brewed at an ABV of 4.4% it’s made with 100% natural ingredients, unfiltered, unpasteurised and has no added preservatives. 

Head Brewer, Tom Champion, said, “We want to take all the hard work our Aussie farmers have done in growing our ingredients and let those shine through in each beer without the addition of any preservatives.”