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Fat Prince and Ottoman Room bring flavours of the Middle East to Singapore

Fat Prince opens on Tuesday 13th September in the buzzing Tanjong Pagar on Peck Seah Street.

Shophouses in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

The team behind Neon Pigeon have brings the eclectic flavours of the Middle East to Peck Seah Street with new ventures Fat Prince and The Ottoman Room. The venues will offer two distinct experiences highlighting the Ottoman Empire.

Fat Prince is described as a café-kebabery influenced by the bohemian Karakoy neighbourhood in Istanbul, and the European café culture in the region. The Ottoman room brings the opulence of the Sultan era feasts.

With an interior modeled after Istanbul’s waterfront district where East meets West, the space has subtle splashes of vibrant colour and patterns. Seating is a mixture of small round and rectangular tables, along with long communal tables to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Creative Director, Michael Goodman said, “We were wowed by both the food and hospitality in Istanbul, and were inspired to bring our own version to Singapore, while still respecting authenticity”.

The menu of Middle Eastern food is approachable for everyday lunch, yet special enough for dinners with friends, and will highlight of a bunch of sharing options. Fat Prince will boast eight to ten variations of taco-sized kebabs so diners can mix and match different options of traditional roast and spiced meats or vegetarian options. Head Chef Hunter J Moyes, previously from Vancouver’s Tacofino. Hunter says, “I love to focus on the origins of food, and we wanted to build something that touched on cultures that are not very common in Singapore as yet”.

Opening in October, The Ottoman Room will be a luxury contrast to Fat Prince’s humble kebab shop, with a mezze focused menu that offers up dishes such as wine leaf confit duck wraps with Aegean gremolata, chickpea panisse fries and large sharing plates from the Earth Pit Oven.

Sharing and togetherness is emphasised here, with the drinks menu designed to complement the food. Spirits from the Middle Eastern region such as Arak will be highlighted alongside a beer and wine program featuring regional wines from Lebanon and Morocco, along with Old and New World wines. Lebanese and Jordanian specialty beers will be available, as will signature cocktails incorporating flavours from the region. For non-alcoholic options, specialty sodas such as cardamom and orange, and mint and lemon are available.