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ELLC Founder and Brand Ambassador Are Heading Down Under


The East London Liquor Company’s (ELLC) founder (Alex Wolpert) and international brand ambassador (Mikey Pendergast) are going to be down under for a jam packed seven days, that should be on every liquor lovers calendar.

The main reason they have come to Australia is to find an Australian part-time brand ambassador. The stages of the ‘job application’ have included a series of different cocktail making challenges and the winner will be announced during their stay here.

Alex Wolpert holding a Gin & Tonic

Throughout  the second week of February, Alex Wolpert (founder) and Mikey Pendergast (international brand ambassador) will also be attending multiple ‘open-to-the-public’ events. The week will consist of plenty opportunities to drink cocktails and spirits (from the ELLC brand portfolio) and to update yourself with a handful of crash courses, conference talks and degustations. Not mention a handful of parties here and there to add to the fun.

If you are unfamiliar with the East London Liquor Company, they are the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery in East London in over a hundred years. Wolpert, famously crowd funded a total of £1.5 million to open the distillery. Growing his staff 10 times in the process. His entrepreneurship and startup struggles  will actually be a topic he will talk about in depth on one of the seven nights.

Alex Wolpert

A layout for the events the guys will be attending are :


Wednesday 6th February – Cocktail Degustation the Eau de Vie team
This event is ticketed with very limited seats.

Thursday 7th February – Trade Event at Gin Palace
Alex and Mikey will be hosting a crash course in the ELLC range

Thursday 7th February – A special talk from ELLC founder at Worksmith
Alex will talk in depth about his journey to the top and the lessons he learned on the way

Saturday 9th February – Juniperlooza at South Wharf’s Boatbuilders Yard
Australia’s first ever Gin festival where attendees will have the chance to meet and greet with the two from ELLC

Sunday 10th February – Perfect Match, Talk and Taste at Mr West Bar
Hosted by Mikey Pendergast

Sunday 10th February – ‘Friends Shout Friends’ at Madame Brussels
Hosted by Alex Wolpert, where he will announce the six finalists for the ELLC Brand Ambassador Job. If you buy an East London Gin & Tonic, Madame Brussel will shout your friend one as well.

Monday 11th February – Dead Horse Cocktail Competition Finale at Union Electric
This will serve as the ultimate decider for who ELLC has chosen as their new recruit


Tuesday 12th February – Masterclass at The Barber Shop
This will be a trade specific masterclass

Tuesday 12th February – Dead Ringer Cocktail Degustation
Ticketed event for the public

Wednesday 13th February – Meet the Maker
With Eau de Vie