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Young Henrys and Dune Rats Collab for Dunies Lager

Dunies Lager

Aussie garage punk legends Dune Rats now have their own beer. Sydney’s Young Henrys brewery agreed to brew them their own beer if their second album, “The Kids Will Know it’s Bullsh*t” went to number one on the ARIA charts. Low and behold (and not surprisingly, for those who have listened to it!) it did, and thus Dunies Lager was brewed.

Dunies Lager will be available in six-packs of 330ml tinnies (RRP $24.99), as well as 24 pack cases and on-tap at select venues. Lee McConnell, the artist who designed the album artwork for Dune Rats, also designed the packaging and labels, giving the beer the authentic Dunies touch. The brew is a slightly hazy, smashable summer beer with a full blown hop nose and flavour, with the late addition of hop hash, mosaic, citra, el dorado and azecca hops.

Dunies Lager

The band are ecstatic to have their own beer, saying “We hung out with our mates Young Henrys one arvo and it came up that we were gunning for number one when our new album dropped. The fellas said if you get the top spot we’ll brew you your own beer. This is that beer”.

Young Henrys founder Oscar McMahon says, “It’s awesome when friends of friends come into the fold, become new friends, drink beers together…and then decide to make a beer together. The Dunies lads are legit, hardworking, honest and don’t take themselves too seriously. We see eye to eye with them, love their excitement for everything they do and wanted to do something fun to share that excitement with a few more people. This has been a truly cool project.”

Dunies Lager will be available for the first time at what’s set to be a raucous launch party on Sunday February 26 at Cliffdive in Sydney. The event features a Ratbags Records line-up and DJ, and it limited to 200 revellers. RSVP to attend via Eventbrite here until allocation is exhausted. There will also be free tickets to the event on the door at Cliffdive from 7pm, first in best dressed. Mary’s will be doing food on the night for purchase and there’s a free drink for everyone arriving before 8pm.

Get ya hands on some Dunies Lager cans, as the band says, “A can so cold it’ll cool ya house”.

About the beer

Dunies Lager is a lager, at 4.20% ABV and 20 IBU, made with summit, cascade, mosaic, citra, el dorado, azacca, and comet hop hash. Light golden straw in colour.

For more information, check out www.younghenrys.com.