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Drink Beer, Save the Turtles. It’s That Simple.

Hong Kong’s new sustainable, small-batch brewing company aims to save endangered turtles, one beer at a time.

It was whilst travelling through northern Goa, India, that the company’s founder saw firsthand the dire situation of the Olive Ridley turtle, named for the distinctive olive colour of its skin and shell. Due to the destruction of the species’ nesting sites across the world, the tiny turtle is fast heading towards extinction.

From this point, the founder promised to work with local communities and NGOs to ensure the conservation of the sea turtles and their hatchlings. How could a person do this? By establishing a beer range where a portion of all proceeds are donated to the Turtle Foundation. Launched across 19 Hong Kong restaurants, bars and liquor stores, The Olive Ridley Brewing Co. range consists of three craft brews. The Pacific Pilsner is a crisp and refreshing pilsner, with aromas of crushed citrus and notes of tropical fruit on the palate. It is slightly malty with a touch of bitterness. The Shell Shock IPA balances bitter, malty notes with a subtle sweetness. It is smooth and easy to drink, with flavours of grapefruit and citrus and a zesty scent. Finally, the Morjim Pale Ale has complex aromas of citrus and grapefruit that follow through to the palate.

Below is the current list of venues and bottle shops where you can get your hands on Olive Ridley Brewing Co.’s beers and support this great cause:

Bar Butler
HK Liquorland
White Stag
The Flying Pig Bistro
Ho Chuen
Picture House
Electric Ave
Praya Waterfront
42 Davies
Black Star
Bombay Dreams
Tramline Liquor HK