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Check Out Redfern’s Latest Local, Redfern Surf Club

Nothing screams summer more than climbing out of the surf, salty and sunburnt and waltzing up to the local surf club for a bevvie and a chat with the hotchpotch of locals and visitors.

This is the feeling Yannick Maslard (former GM of The Cliff Dive and Oxford Art Factory) strives to recreate at his new venue, Redfern Surf Club. The venue draws on Australia’s love of the down-to-earth ‘local club’, be it the surf club, bowlo or RSL, and its relaxed approach to food, drink and service.

Maslard got together with a few industry mates to convert the space left by the Sydney suburb’s former chicken shop, into a sun-drenched, beachy bar. Surfer merch now adorns the walls, with an old TV playing the cult surf films of your childhood at one end of the bar, large, arched windows looking out at the hustle and bustle of Redfern and a taxidermied ibis overseeing it all. No local is ever complete without the pool room, and Redfern Surf Club does not disappoint.

In the spirit of all good Aussie surf clubs, there is a solid beer range on offer. A selection of cold ones rotates around house beer The Grifter Brewing Co.’s Pale Ale. There are a number of ever-changing taps showing off Sydney’s best microbreweries, including Batch, Wayward, Akasha and more.

However, the standout bevvie comes in the form of RSC’s Can Cocktails. Think great classic cocktails combined with your favourite soft drink cans. Hello, alcoholic Passiona anyone? There will also be a smattering of twists on classic cocktails that will feature seasonally.

Just like your local club, wine will be available by the glass or the carafe. However, this time you’ll be able to avoid the watered down, bland ‘house wines’ and choose from a range of approachable and unique natural wines. Curated by Sam Fitzsimmons of Melbourne’s Act of Wine, the list focuses mainly on the teams favourite Australian producers and spans easy to drink varieties to more intricate styles.

With ample bar and table seating, head along to Redfern Surf Club and be transported back to pubs and clubs of your 80s and 90s nostalgic dreams.