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Catchfly: Singapore’s Newest Bar to Blossom

Like the flower from which its name derives, Catchfly blooms and flourishes out of Singapore’s darkness.

Sustained by the stream of patrons that flow through the Chinatown district, the American-style cocktail bar is sure to become a go-to for both casual drinkers and enthusiasts alike.

Head mixologist, New York’s Liam Baer, cultivates classic cocktails with a unique twist, incorporating expertly crafted house-made syrups, sodas and spirit infusions.

Starting with the seed of quality niche American spirits, Baer seeks to grow his cocktails through the use of fresh ingredients, whilst preserving the integrity and taste of the base.

A perfect example of this technique is his signature cocktail, The Honey Badger. In-house rosemary-infused bourbon is blended with yellow chartreuse, a dose of lemon, ginger and honey to create a ‘crisp and revitilising’ mix.

On the menu is also a range of ‘smooth and sensual’ and ‘adventurous’ cocktails to suit the tastes of every drinker. This even includes a range of ‘Low ABV’ cocktails for those looking for a drop to drink without wilting the next day.

Have a favourite drink? Patrons can also order off-the-menu bespoke cocktails to meet their heart’s desire.

There is also a range of Asian inspired cuisine, such as Kimchi Beef Chilli and Corn Chips or Spiced Edamame, so that you can both water and feed the soul.

Enjoy these culinary delights whilst planting yourself in one of the plush teal armchairs that adorn the space and take in the relaxed, modern industrial atmosphere created by exposed brick walls and black marble furnishings.

Catchfly is located on 12 Ann Siang Road and is open from 6pm – 2am Monday to Thursday, and 6pm – 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.