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Bartender Grand Prix Competition and Cocktail Festival

This is not your traditional cocktail competition – there are no prelim rounds, no cocktail submissions – simply register, follow the guidelines, and be in the chance to win an impressive cash prize.

Interested? Here is what you need to know. Organised by The Bar Awards and held during Restaurant, Pub and Bar (RPB) Asia trade show (17-19th July), this is open to any bartender from around the world. For those who make it to the top eight will be guaranteed $500 (SGD) and the overall winner will walk away with $3,000 (SGD) cash.

Spread out over three days, the competition will start with a chance to show off your creative side and bar skills by making the most innovative and unique negroni. Round two consists of your bartending capability and speed in the Speed Challange. And for the final round, you’ll pair up with a teammate to make a cocktail inspired by a local Singaporean dish.

For rules, guidelines and a detailed breakdown of the challenges check out the registration form HERE

The Bartender Grand Prix is more than just a competition but also an exclusive mini cocktail festival for registered contestants. Contestants will have access to free lunches, dinners, nightcaps and parties at some of the best venues in the city.

“The Bartender Grand Prix is all about coming together in the spirit of competition and camaraderie,” says Tron Young, the organiser of the inaugural Bartender Grand Prix.

You’ll need to make your own way to Singapore; however the Bartender Grand Prix organisers will help you find accommodation with their Bartender Couch Surfer programme. You’ll either get to crash on the couch of a local bartender or, split the cost on a shared bartender bungalow (comes with BBQ pit and pool), or, take advantage of the Bartender Grand Prix discounted hotel partner deals.

Registration is free and now open, so get your skates on and enter now before entries close on June 30.

To register and for more detailed information on the Bartender Grand Prix presented by RPB Asia 2019, please click HERE