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Australia’s Hottest Products of the Week

Looking to try something different in your bar? We’ve done the research for you, bringing together a brief snapshot of the hottest products on the Australian market this week. What can we say except, you’re welcome.

Southern Comfort BlackSouthern Comfort has released Southern Comfort Black, a blend of whiskeys sourced from Sazerac’s reserves with subtle spice and fruit accents. The new release is designed to be extra-smooth, whilst maintaining the bold, whiskey-forward profile of classic Southern Comfort. It is also of higher ABV than the original, with Black at 40% ABV and Original at 30% ABV. On the nose it is sweet and spicy, with wafts of caramel and whiskey, and hints of cinnamon, spice and cereal sweetness. The taste is sweet, mellow and spicy at the beginning, which gives way to notes of brown sugar, sweet oak, vanilla, spice and whiskey. The medium length finish is of sweet spice, cinnamon gum, whiskey and toffee.

Willie Smith’s x Sullivans Cove Whisky Aged CiderTwo Tasmanian greats have come together to create what is sure to be one of the most in demand releases of the year. Huon Valley’s Willie Smith’s Cider and Cambridge’s Sullivans Cove have released a limited-edition Whisky Aged Cider, made by maturing the best dry cider in hand-chosen former barrels of Sullivans’ award-winning whisky. The barrels used for the release were American oak, ex-bourbon casks, used to age Sullivans Cove’s whisky for a minimum 12 years before being filled with the cider and left to mature for 16 months. The result is a complex and unique dry cider that has distinct whisky, spice, vanilla and fruit notes and a soft, textural palate.

CAPI Native Tonic

CAPI has been inspired by Australia’s first botanicals to create a unique native tonic. Made from a blend of Queensland lemon aspen, Tasmanian mountain pepper and Mount Zero salt with natural quinine, the tonic is a delicious mix of tart, spicy, bitter, salty and sweet flavours. The lemon aspen brings forward the citrus notes in gins, while the salt cuts through the sweetness of the other ingredients and the pepper adds an intense herbal taste. The low sugar profile of this tonic creates a dry finish that allows for the flavours of gins to shine through. This tonic is the ideal match for Australian craft gins and will highlight their native botanic characteristics.

Something extra special…

Diageo 2017 Special Releases Collection 

Diageo has announced the release of its annual, highly-anticipated Special Releases Collection. The ten extremely rare Scotch whiskies that form the collection are all natural cask strength bottlings released in strictly limited quantities. Each year, the range is specifically selected by Diageo’s master distillers, blenders and distillery managers to showcase some of the oldest, most premium liquids from classic, little known, unknown and silent distilleries.

Highlights this year include: Collectivum XXVII – a cask strength blended malt Scotch whisky made from whiskies supplied from all 28 Diageo malt distillers; the Port Ellen 37-Year-Old – the equal oldest Port Ellen release, which reflects a fine balance of sweet fruit, honeyed citrus, smoke, warmth and oak; the Port Dundas 52-Year-Old – the oldest whisky ever released in the series and an extremely rare bottling, with only 752 bottles available globally; and the rare Convalmore 32-Year-Old and Brora 34-Year-Old, both from closed or ‘ghost’ distilleries. The range retails from $175 to $5,000 for the various bottles and is available to trade in limited quantities.