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Andrea Gauldi & Maybe Sammy Take Over Dante In NYC

Maybe Sammy - Doris Day

The Maybe Sammy owners are heading to New York City to be part of an international pop-up at the renowned aperitive bar, Dante. Four bars from around the world will each take over Dante for five days, serving up their own selection of Vermouth based cocktails.

Just before the 20+ hour flight, we sat down with co-owner Andrea Gauldi from the Maybe Sammy team to talk about this super special opportunity.

How did this opportunity from across the globe arise?

Good question. We are very good friends with Naren Young, the guy behind Dante, and we have also have a similar style to his bar. Since we opened Maybe Frank (our first venue) we’ve been focusing a lot on aperitivo. It’s an Italian bar, so it focuses a lot around this concept. So when we opened Maybe Sammy, we got approached to take over Dante for a week during their aperitivo hour, and do our own aperitif’s. So it was the similarity between Maybe Frank, Maybe Sammy and Dante that allowed all this to happen.

How will this experience at one of the best Aperitif bars in the world benefit Maybe Sammy?

First of all, its amazing exposure for us as were a very young business of just three months. It’s an amazing opportunity to actually put our name out there on an international stage, to say ‘We are here, this is what we do’.

The culture of aperitivo has been around for a very long time, its apart of our culture as Italians and for Maybe Frank. Maybe Sammy is a little bit more international, but we have tried to keep the same style of light drinking. So it’s very important for us to be there and I’m sure we can learn a lot.

Maybe Sammy – Andrea Gualdi

Can you give us a little sneak peek of what you’ll be presenting at the pop-up?

All the drinks will be vermouth based. We have a twist on some of the drinks we have here, such as a vermouth Bianco with passionfruit and mango, a little bit of ginger, served with a hand cream. Instead of aromatising the glass with zest. We’ve decided to aromatise the hand. So the flavour is actually on the hands that make you the drink. Giving the cocktail a different style of experience.

We have some coconut and mango Negroni that we will serve. It’s very easy, light and refreshing. We have another three or four highballs that are super easy to drink.

We also have one of our main cocktails since we’ve opened. We have Sofia that was a global winner at the World Class Competition. We are trying to explain in eight drinks what we do here.

What’s one practice you don’t think many people know about with vermouth.

COOKING! I love it with cooking. In risotto’s and pasta, it’s amazing. We use it here as reductions, cooking out the alcohol and using it as a syrup.

Something I hope that comes back is the simple vermouth and tonic. In Italy, we drink it neat as well.

Maybe Sammy – Sophia Loren

Will Maybe Sammy be incorporating any sustainability practises in this pop-up?

I think creativity is a very interesting word. Anyone can be creative using caviar and very expensive stuff. But a really creative person can make something without wasting. Because otherwise there isn’t really a challenge. And from a business point of view, if you can use that creativity and not waste, that also turns into money. Saving face with the public and dollars.

Most of the drinks we make, we try to waste as less as possible. No waste is almost impossible. So what we do is, for the hand cream we use the passionfruit and mango leftovers from the cocktail. We degrade the leftovers and make our tropical oils, using it in our drinks and food as well.

We use coconut for one of our drinks and we use the whole coconut. The water of the coconut is used to dilute the cocktail. We then break the coconut and toast it for two things. One is toasted coconut syrup and the other is a toasted coconut negroni.

When you break down the ingredient, it’s amazing how many uses it can have. This huge sustainability movement is largely encouraged by the use of the kitchen.