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An Absolut Elyx Experience

Ask any alcohol enthusiast about Absolut Elyx and they’ll undoubtedly tell you that it is one of the best premium vodkas for creative cocktails,

In the world of premium spirits opulence, quality, luxury and attention to detail are all characteristics that separate the mediocre from the elite.

Ask any alcohol enthusiast about Absolut Elyx and they’ll undoubtedly tell you that it is one of the best premium vodkas for creative cocktails, a simple mixed drink or simply served neat.

In celebration of all things first-rate, the top-notch team at Gibson have partnered with Absolut Elyx to create a crowd-pleasing cocktail.

Served in an Elyx Pineapple cup, ‘My Next Mistake’ moves away from traditional glassware to produce a new drinking ritual for Absolut Elyx – read on to find out more about this exciting collaboration!

What was it like to create a cocktail for the Elyx Pineapple Cup?
Aki: It is always great working with different glassware and serves as it allows me to be more imaginative in my presentations and sometimes, even inspirations for the cocktails. The Elyx Pineapple Cup is iconic and grand, yet with a versatility that allows me to inject some imagination into it, so it has been fun working with this.

Is there a special name for this Absolut Elyx craft cocktail you have created? Can you share with us the inspiration behind this cocktail and why you have worked with these flavours?
Aki: The name of the cocktail is “My Next Mistake” (a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour). The Gibson menu is categorized into 4 sections – Finding Comfort, Forging Friendships, Sharing Happiness, and Reserves. “My Next Mistake” falls under our “Sharing Happiness” section, where cocktails are light-hearted, fun, and cheeky. The flavour profile should not be too complex, so I used a mix of orange and raspberry to create a light and fruity flavour, then added beetroot to infuse some earthiness in the cocktail for balance.

Share with us what you like about Absolut Elyx?
Aki: Absolut Elyx has a very clean taste with a silky texture, which gives me a great template to re-create classics as well as opportunities to build on new creations.

When using a premium spirit such as Absolut Elyx, what premium mixer would you use so the spirit really shines through?
Aki: I would say Fever Tree Tonic – it does not disturb or clash with the spirit’s natural flavour characteristics and really complements it instead.

How would you describe Gibson in three words? And how do you envision this partnership with Absolut Elyx in this coming year?
Aki: I would describe Gibson as classic, sexy, and cheeky. Here, we have a very classic and timeless interior décor that transports you to another era. With the beautiful marbled bar and tables, the stained windows at the back-bar, and a bit of swing and jazz playing in the background – the mood is just sexy. Yet, we do not take ourselves too seriously here and try to add a bit of cheekiness into the whole experience.
Elyx’s brand personality exudes warmth and hospitality – vital components of Gibson’s philosophy, which is why I believe these two brands greatly complement each other and will be enhanced through the coming year’s partnership.

How do you feel about being the first to launch this famous Elyx Pineapple Cup drinking ritual in Singapore?
Indra: We are very excited. I think our guests will truly find the presentation unique as soon as the Elyx Pineapple Cup arrives at their table. In turn, that will increase their curiosity about the cocktail and we will get the chance to share the story about the drink and the products.

The cocktail that we are serving in this cup is cheekily called ‘My Next Mistake’ and is part of our ‘Sharing Happiness’ menu. Cocktails in this section are described as fun, at-times silly and celebratory. I think the fit with this grand vessel is perfect.

You’ve successfully opened many food & beverage hospitality venues and most recently Gibson. Tell us a little about your new venue and how Absolut Elyx can complement your venue?
Indra: Gibson has the most ambitious cocktail program in our group, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for fun. We think you can combine the most beautiful timeless décor, high level of craft and a fun, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously attitude into a memorable hospitality experience.

Absolut Elyx is a great complement to the bar. Vodka has at times been vilified by the cocktail culture, but here we have an exceptionally well-crafted product, served in a one-of-a-kind vessel that will make guests remember why they come to a cocktail bar – it is delicious and lots of fun!

In addition, Elyx’s brand philosophy of hospitality, integrity, luxury, and playfulness ties in with what we believe here at Gibson, which is why I believe these two brands complement each other tremendously.

With the Absolut Elyx craft cocktail, what bar food do you suggest to pair with each?
Indra: The Elyx has a rich silky mouthfeel and the cocktail we created complements that with earthy, fruity notes of beetroot, raspberry and orange. I think it will be perfect for our Crab & Kobe Steak Tartare with Oyster Aioli.

With the “My Next Mistake”, it’s important for consistency in execution, flavour and presentation. How is this ritual trained to the bar team? 
Indra/Aki: There are three key steps to this serve. The first is to consistently craft the drink each and every time, and present it to the guests in that celebratory Elyx Pineapple Cup. Pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality so it’s always a pleasure to put one in front of a guest.

The second step is having the knowledge to share the story with guests who are curious. We want to share why this cocktail uses Absolut Elyx, and why we chose this recipe combination.

Thirdly, we will always be on the lookout for opportunities to create a moment for the guests. That’s what they will remember at the end of the night. The Signature Serve is one of our means to that end.

The Elyx Pineapple Cup adds a level of opulence and sophistication to cocktail service, and also reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. It’s important to remember our guests are at Gibson to have a good time, and the Elyx Pineapple Cup is certainly a crowd pleaser that creates those ‘photo’ moments.