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Age of Hempires: East 9th Brewing Release Australia’s First Hemp Beer

The boys at East 9th Brewing have announced their release of Australia’s first hemp beer.

Until this year, consumable hemp had a bit of a bad rap in Australia and was banned due to its association with marijuana. However with new laws passed this November to legalise the products, the consumable hemp industry is expected to grow to an estimated $1 billion within the next decade.

The Melbourne-based independent brewers are excited to be ahead of the game with the release of around 50,000 litres of Doss Blockos Hempire Hemp Ale, the first Australian beer made with the non-hallucinogenic Cannabis Sativa plant, or hemp.

The brew has been released in kegs to about 70 venues Australia wide and there are plans to expand the distribution and product range to include a packaged version by early 2018.

East 9th co-founder Benjamin Cairns said he was excited to bring a flavour to the Australian public that has been a firm favourite in the USA for years.

“It’s a taste that Australians have been deprived of for almost a century, and now we can all experience it,” said Cairns.

“At East 9th we’re always eager to add innovative products to our growing portfolio, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to create Australia’s first hemp beer.”

The new release uses ground organic hemp seeds to create a beer with a distinctly nutty and smoky taste that has a subtle creamy mouth feel, the characteristic flavour profile of hemp seeds.

Join the Hempire and learn more about the beer at the East 9th Brewing website.