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Absolut Is Going Rainbow To Create A Better Tomorrow

To celebrate being the official partner of the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Absolut has released a limited-edition rainbow bottle of its iconic vodka.

The release is the latest exhibition of support by the brand for the LGBTQI community, which has long championed and celebrated equality.

In 2008, Absolut was the first spirits brand to feature the Gay Pride flag on its bottles through a partnership with the flag’s creator, Gilbert Baker.

Since then, Absolut has continued to foster a brand identity that promotes celebration, self-expression and acceptance.

Absolut is coinciding the release of its rainbow bottles with a ‘Create a Better Tomorrow’ campaign that will be across its website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The campaign will celebrate the diversity of the Australian community and advocate for acceptance and inclusiveness of all backgrounds.

Absolut rainbow bottles, as well as special release rainbow Absolut Botanik cans, will be available in selected outlets from the end of February.