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Casa Noble Tequila

Tequila is central to the culture of Mexico and many of the values associated with the humble spirit were also used to inspire the establishment of the Casa Noble brand - that is tradition, perfection, pureness, togetherness and sharing.

Founded in the mid to late eighteenth century, Casa Noble has a history that spans more then seven generations. The label’s enduring commitment to the cultural roots of tequila is also reflected in its production process. One which respects the mysticism and tradition that tequila has engendered for the Mexican people, by taking great care in its creation and extending this sense of wonder and custom to the rest of the world; one bottle at a time.

Casa Noble tequila is made from 100 per cent blue agave, sourced from the companies own fields located in the hills of Jalisco. For each and every agave plant selected, a quality control process is put in place to ensure that it meets the Casa Noble requirements for water and sugar content, thus living up to the premium nature of the brand. This all-natural cultivation

of their blue agave fields, as well as the USDA Organic Certification that the label bares, is something that the team at Casa Noble is particularly proud of.

Using traditional methods, the team at Casa Noble slow cooks their rich agave plants for 38 hours in stone ovens and then extracts the sweet nectar from only the heart, also known as the piña.

Whilst traditionally tequila is distilled twice, Casa Noble’s 100 per cent natural fermentation process involves a triple method, to ensure that the distillate showcases the best characteristics and thereby results in the purest tequila. This distillation is completed in small stills with even heat to solidify the aromatic essence of the tequila.

Throughout the entire production process, the Master Distiller oversees quality control and the initial taste test begins after distillation – a ritual that has been passed down from Master Distiller to Master Distiller for several generations.

Casa Noble tequila is aged in white French oak barrels from Limosin, which imparts the special complex characteristics that consumer’s have come to expect from the tequila. During aging, the Master Distiller regularly checks the tequila and after 364 days, the oldest tequila, Casa Noble Reposado is ready to be bottled.

Casa Noble tequila is bottled in beautiful coloured decanters, the neck of which has a silver band indicating which expression is contained inside. Available in the Crystal, Reposado and Añejo expressions, Casa Noble tequila is a super premium brand with an offering that is fit for every occasion.

Enjoy it neat or in a specially curated cocktails such as the Noble Paloma – which combines Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice, agave nectar, sparkling water and a grapefruit wedge.