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ROKU Gin Brings The Spirit of Japan Down Under

Beam Suntory has today launched its premium Japanese gin, ROKU, to the Australian market.

Uniquely Japanese, ROKU, meaning ‘six’, is distilled from six local ingredients together with eight traditional gin botanicals. Sakura leaf, sakura flower, gyokuro tea, sencha tea, sanshō pepper and yuzu are each distilled individually according to their best extraction method in order to maintain their distinct qualities. These meticulously crafted extracts are then blended with juniper berry, coriander, angelica seed and root, cinnamon, cardamom, bitter orange and lemon peel.

The resulting gin has oriental aromas of cherry blossom and green tea. The palate is complex and layered with the traditional gin notes leading before the flavours of the six botanicals develop. Yuzu dominates in taste, before the crisp Japanese sanshō pepper leaves a spicy finish.

To celebrate the release, Beam Suntory will be hosting The Spirit of Roku – an immersive tasting experience. Guests will navigate their way through a number of sensory experiences, each representing the six traditional Japanese botanicals used in ROKU Gin. The session will conclude with an opportunity to taste ROKU’s signature gin and tonic serve, offered in the traditional Japanese hospitality ritual (Omotenashi). Tickets are $49.60 each and can be purchased here.

ROKU Gin will be available from July 17th in select retailers across Australia for $64.99 (700ml bottle).