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Savant Spirits Bring Premium 100% Rye Whisky To Australia That Won’t Break the Bank

Zuidam Distillery

Bartenders in Australia are excited about a new, high-quality whisky made from a base grain of 100% rye that fetches for just $74 – or $69 if the bar adds the product to their speed rail.

Importer and distributor Savant Spirits has had to order two more pallets after the initial shipment of the Millstone 92 Rye Whisky sold out.

Behind the whisky is Zuidam Distillers in The Netherlands, which also makes the award-winning Millstone 100 Rye Whisky, popular with bartenders for its great taste in cocktails like the Sazerac or Manhattan. Like most 100% rye whiskies, however, it sells for a slightly pricier tag of $110.

Cheaper 100% rye whiskies do exist in Australia, but as many will know, most are ingenuine or poor quality. Having distributed products from Zuidam Distillers for a few years now, Savant Spirits asked if it would be possible to create a 100% rye whisky that didn’t lack in flavour or quality, but that was also more affordable. And by jo, they did it.

Distiller Patrick van Zuidam has achieved this by using a slightly younger rye whisky, with a minimum age statement of four years as opposed to the eight years the Millstone 100 Rye Whisky matures for. It’s also slightly lower in alcohol at 46% ABV as opposed to the 50% ABV of the original, but is still high enough to carry flavour when sipped or used in cocktails.

The Millstone 92 Rye Whisky is made up of 51% malted and 49% unmalted Dutch rye, which gives the whisky a combination of young mash bill, Christmas pudding, spicy rye and vanilla flavours.

If you’re interested in stocking the product in your bar, contact Savant Spirits.