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Rosolio is Being Reignited, Thanks to Think Spirits and ITALICUS

Think Spirits has announced the launch of ITALICUS to the Australian market, a unique aperitivo designed to reignite the lost Rosolio category.

Mixologist Giuseppe Gallo drew upon a near 200-year-old recipe to create ITALICUS. This recipe sees the essential oils of the Calabrian bergamot fruit and Sicilian cedro blended with an Italian neutral grain spirit. These oils are then combined with a mixture of Roman chamomile, lavender, gentian, yellow roses and melissa balm from Northern Italy that has been macerated together.

The resulting aperitivo has aromas of light citrus, with hints of rose and lavender. On the palate, it has fresh tones of citrus, balanced with delicate bitter and floral spice notes.

Once one of the most popular drinks in Italy during the 19th century, ITALICUS is a modern take on the tradition of Rosolio.

In speaking of the aperitivo, creator Giuseppe Gallo said:

“It had been my childhood dream to create the quintessential expression of what makes Italy the most remarkable and unforgettable country in the world for so many people, bottling the essence of La Bella Italia Rosolio means ‘the dew of the sun’ and ITALICUS is truly a sip of Italy, bringing a forgotten category back to the cocktail industry at long last. I am so grateful for the incredible reception ITALICUS has received from my industry peers as well as consumers.”

Due to the delicate flavour profile of the botanicals, ITALICUS is recommended served with 50/50 prosecco over ice and garnished with green olives.

For further information, go to the ITALICUS or Think Spirits websites.