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Bar Tapa Brings Spain to Stanley Street, Sydney

Left to right: Sangria and The Martini De La Casa

Owned by husband and wife team, Manuel “Manny” Terron and Sarah Miller, Bar Tapa is Darlinghurst’s brand new, unapologetically authentic Spanish tapas bar.

Located on the lively Stanley Street, Bar Tapa is cool and unpretentious, with exposed brick walls, Spanish tiles, hanging jamon and a wall featuring the Virgin of Triana.

The Bar Tapa team are “not selling food, but instead a cultural experience,” says Sarah. With Spanish chefs, wine, cocktails, food and décor, they refuse to water-down or “Australianise” their offering.

As you’d find in Granada, for every drink that you order, you receive an accompanying tapita, which can range from the house jamon to a delicious pincho taster. Other menu highlights include banderillas, patatas bravas, tostadas, embutidos and a comprehensive selection of Iberian classics.

Also featuring a long list of hard-to-find Spanish vermut (vermouth) and delicious Jerez’ (Sherries), a solid list of Spanish beers, accompanied by a short list of Spanish inspired classic cocktails, Bar Tapa has nailed the authenticity component which is often lacking in some try-hard Spanish themed restaurant bars. This though, is the real deal.

Manny and Sarah have opened Bar Tapa to re-introduce the art of classic tapas. They’ve created a fun space for people to drink exceptional cocktails and Spanish wine, as well as experience delicious traditional food.

“Nobody understands what tapas are anymore. A ‘Tapa’ was originally introduced to accompany drinks as a ‘lid’ to cover them” says Manny. “We’re bringing tapas back to their roots – if people want to go out for Spanish tapas, they’ll get the whole cultural experience here”.

Bar Tapa has captured the sights, sounds, tastes and smells, for a touch of Spain in the heart of Sydney.