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Shangri-La’s Newest Bar Takes You on a Journey to Singapore’s Origins

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, has unveiled its new drinking destination, Origin Bar.

Housed in the hotel’s recently refurbished Tower Wing, which is inspired by Singapore’s rich history of abundant trade, the bar’s drinks menu pays homage to five key districts of Singapore – Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay.

Bar manager Adam Bursik, ex-Library and Nutmeg and Clove, has created a cocktail list that encapsulates the colours, flavours and historical anecdotes of each area. To do so, he familiarised himself with the local produce, experimenting with an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs synonymous with each district.

The resulting cocktails are:

‘Safari Tea’ – a mix of jackfruit, marmalade, bamboo and osmanthus fortified wine, citrus and Monkey Shoulder Whiskey that evokes Chinatown;

‘Leaf the Curry’ – the spirit of Little India, made with aromatic curry leaves, cardamom, tamarind and aged rum with undertones of intense woodiness;

‘Buona Vista’ – an ode to the Italian immigrants of the Boat Quay district, with notes of coffee fig, distilled hazelnut, chocolate and Campari;

‘The Origin’ – the bar’s namesake cocktail inspired by the Orchard district’s history of pepper and nutmeg plantations, with sugar-cane honey, nutmeg, pepper, charred pineapple, lime husk wine and gin;

And the pièce de résistance, ‘The Pearl’ – a unique floral combination of silken tofu, elderflower blend, Black Forest Gin and barley Shochu, offset by the natural, salty brine of sea grapes and served in an eye-catching shell to represent the Marina Bay district.

Drinkers are taken on a journey through the history and culture of Singapore through the distinct flavours of each district.