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Ed Loveday Joins Regal Rogue as Global Rogue Ambassador

Ed Loveday, renowned sommelier and mixologist, has been appointed Global Rogue ambassador for quaffable vermouth brand, Regal Rogue.

One of the original team behind popular Sydney establishments ACME, Bar Brose and The Passage, Ed will be assisting the craft drinks brand to shake up the aperitif category in Australia, the UK and the US.

Loveday joins current Australian Rogue, Lauren Baker (ex Enotria & Coe., UK), who has been working with the brand since mid-2017.

Loveday says he hopes to use his wealth of experience to create exposure for the brand in the three core markets.

“With my background as a sommelier and bartender, I hope to lead the charge in helping people to re-discover vermouth with a brand that is really the embodiment of a modern, sophisticated evolved drinking vermouth – the perfect aperitif.”

His appointment has been met with excitement by Regal Rogue founder, Mark War, who says that Ed is the ideal brand ambassador.

“From day one we set out to turn the European vermouth category upside down showcasing a new world style and Ed’s approach to drinks and wine showcases the perfect quaffing style of Regal Rogue. He is also more of a rogue than I, so he’s the perfect ambassador to take the brand to the next steps, with a daring, unconventional and innovative nature that embodies the rogue life.”

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