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Sydney Favourite Hartsyard is Back!

One of Newtown’s favourites has seen a total revamp. Gone are the days of the signature fried chicken and Southern American comfort food, Hartsyard has been reborn with a chic new design and contemporary food and drinks menu.

Chef/owner Gregory Llewellyn and his new head chef, Jarrod Walsh (ex Automata and QT Sydney), are serving up a menu of predominantly vegetable and seafood dishes, all made for sharing.

The deep fryer is gone and in its place sits the brand new charcoal grill, the source of most of Llewellyn’s cooking. From here, he’ll be plating up dishes such as scampi and prawn tartare with salt and vinegar crisps and tobiko, and duck leg with prickly ash and vinegar jus. There are also a few new mouthwatering additions to the dessert menu, such as cherries with cherry blossom ice cream.

The drinks list has also seen a shake up, offering mainly natural wines, beers produced by the local breweries, a range of new cocktails and even some sake.

Designer Martin Taylor Made and bespoke craftsman Reso & Co. have created a light and airy space, painted in crisp white with oak joinery, tan upholstery and black steel finishes. The loved marble bar remains, whilst screens with hanging greenery add fresh vibrancy to the interior.

Hartsyard started in 2012, when husband and wife duo Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart set up shop on Enmore Road, Newtown. The restaurant soon became a Sydney institution, with patrons lapping up their fried chicken, poutine and softies. After temporarily closing their doors for this complete overhaul, Sydneysiders will be happy to see one of their favourites back up and running.