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New Northern Chinese Restaurant and Bar Spices Up Darlinghurst’s Nightlife Scene

Head Chef Zhai, Tim and Carly Jin and Quynh Nguyen

Darlinghurst’s newest restaurant and bar is an ode to the great city of Harbin, the capital of China’s northernmost province.

Inspired by the family heritage of owner Carly Jin, the late night dining pop-up serves handmade dumplings and bespoke cocktails designed to encapsulate the unique tastes of northern Chinese cuisine.

After Carly and her husband Tim’s landlord fell in love with their small Harbin style restaurant in Ultimo, particularly with their signature Chinese wine sausage dish, he offered them the opportunity to set up shop in the inner-east.

At their new joint, customers are offered 16 different types of handmade dumpling, from the Gingko Sausage Puff to the Sea Urchin and Baby Spinach Dim Sum and the Prawn and Cheese Triangles. They are also able to try authentic north Chinese delicacies such as the slow cooked Smoked Pork Knuckle and the Pork Belly with Taro.

Such delights are courtesy of Head Chef Zhai, who carries with him 25 years of professional experience working across China, and Dumpling Chef Marble Ng, ex Lotus and Chefs Gallery.

Ginkgo dumplings and cocktail

On the drinks front, bartender and drinks consultant Quynh Ng (Matteo, Monkey’s Corner, China Diner and Luis Tans) has fashioned a menu designed to compliment the powerful flavours of the food. This includes a matching wine for every dish and an array of cocktails that pay tribute to the unique culture, history and flavours of China.

The man responsible for overseeing this innovative drinks menu is bar manager Carlos Hurworth, whose previous experience includes working behind the bar at Saxon and Parole, Soho House London, The LAB Group and Savile Row.

The interiors reflect the Chinese influence, seamlessly uniting handcrafted furniture with minimalist accents and statement art pieces to create a modern space that alludes to the culture and art that are the pulse of Harbin city.