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On Tap with The Bucha of Byron

Kombucha, the increasingly popular drink, continues to pop-up on cafe menus, health food stores and don’t be surprised if you soon see it at your local pub on tap – if it’s not already.

The crew behind The Bucha of Byron are winning the popularity vote at pubs across the nation, and the fermented brew can now be found on tap at key venues including Garden State Hotel in Melbourne and the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay.

The Bucha of Byron is also available in bottle and is seen as a key ingredient in many kombucha cocktails, bringing the brew to life in yet another unexpected way.

Founders Cam MacFarlane, James Mackinnon and Paul Tansley all grew up with kombucha, with their parents’ firm believers in the benefits of this special brew that has been drunk for thousands of years to promote gut health, aid digestion and liver function.

“For us, it was a bit of a nostalgic thing. We grew up drinking it or watching our family members drink it for a range of health-related reasons, so when we saw it making a resurgence, we decided we should start making it ourselves,” said Bucha of Byron Co-Founder Cam Macfarlane. “We found a lot of kombucha can be hit-and-miss regarding taste, and that creates a barrier for a lot of people – we wanted to create a brew that didn’t just feel like an obligation and people could actually enjoy,” added Macfarlane.

In the distinct brown bottle or often served in a schooner glass or tall drink, the beverage can easily be mistaken for a beer, cider or cocktail. It’s the perfect drink alternative to enjoy in a social situation, for the times when you don’t feel like drinking.

“We don’t expect people to only drink kombucha every day or for the whole night out, but rather as a way to find a little balance, swapping it out every second or third alcoholic drink, or having one when you’re hungover on a Sunday. The success of Bucha of Byron in pubs also shows that customers want an alternative to alcohol and something with an added health benefit,” said Macfarlane.

The Bucha of Byron is brewed in partnership with local brew house Stone & Wood, using on locally sourced ingredients. For more details on The Bucha of Byron click here.