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Skip Through The Woods to Find A Secret Annex

If you go down to The Woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise… Tucked away behind KWOON by The Woods’ storefront lies the newly opened ‘Annex’.

Launched by Hong Kong entrepreneur Victoria Chow, The Woods project and cocktail bar is dedicated to showcasing premium spirits and educating on mixology. The initiative launched KWOON by The Woods earlier this year, Asia’s first range of premium artisanal ready-to-drink cocktails, and now has taken their approach one step further with the opening of The Woods’ Annex.

The intimate tasting room can seat up to eight guests and is focused on delivering spirits education through exposing consumers to rare and interesting artisanal expressions.

After browsing the specially selected range of retail products, including bar stools, spirits and the brand’s canned cocktails, guests will move through the store to the industrialist space of The Woods’ Annex. The chic, minimalist design is decorated with leafy plants to create the feel of a secret hideaway.

Once seated in what feels like a private kitchen, customers are encouraged relax, make themselves at home and ask the attentive bar manager about the craft behind the exhibited gins, rums, tequilas, whiskys and niche spirits.

The venue’s collection, kept in an open plywood cabinet, has over 300 spirits from craft distillers around the globe. The rarest of these will be tagged with a ‘library card’ detailing the history of previous drinkers. There will also be a ‘Travelling Corner’ where visiting industry professionals will showcase expressions not currently available to the Hong Kong market.

The space will also host a number of guided tastings, workshops with prominent mixologists and talks with spirits producers, including Matt Magliocco, president of the family-owned Michter’s bourbon, Jesse Estes, founder of Ocho tequila and Mika Lipiäinen, CEO/founder of Kyro Distillery gin.

“Consumers today care about provenance and craftsmanship, and we saw a gap in the market with regards to spirits,” says Victoria Chow.

“Through our tastings at The Woods’ Annex, we hope to impart our knowledge of spirits to elevate our guests’ enjoyment of their drink, and to develop a more adventurous palate.”

All spirits will be available for purchase in either 750ml standard bottles or in 100ml sample pours.

To view or purchase the expressions on offer, or to reserve your spot at The Woods’ Annex head to The Woods’ website. A session at The Woods’ Annex is by appointment only.