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We See Red And We Like It – Campari Red Diaries Returns

2018 will see the return of Campari Red Diaries featuring an all-star short film steeped in intrigue, leading viewers in the journey of the pursuit of the perfect cocktail.

This year’s film titled ‘The Legend of Red Hand’, is a celebration of bartenders’ ‘talent around the world’ and most importantly, the Red Hands, masters of the world’s best cocktails. The story is a thrilling mystery that tells the journey of Mia Parc, played by Zoe Saldana, in the pursuit of the perfect cocktail starting in Milan, the birthplace of Campari.

Click below to see a sneak peek behind the scenes of The Legend of Red Hand

Lead protagonist of the film Zoe Saldana comments: “The Campari Red Diaries campaign has a great legacy, so I was delighted to play the role of Mia Parc in The Legend of Red Hand. Mia’s character was a fascinating one to play, to portray her sheer determination to reach perfection and bringing this to life in Milan as the birthplace of Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif was very special.

Famous Italian director on the short film, Stefano Sollima comments: “Directing the Legend of Red Hand short movie and working alongside such talent was a pleasure. Being Italian, Campari is an iconic brand that has been present throughout my life, making it an easy choice to collaborate with. The campaign Enjoy Campari Responsibly and the story allows such creativity to create a world of mystery that captivates the viewer and leaves them wanting more.”

Leading Italian actor on his role as Davide, Adriano Giannini says: “Working with Zoe Saldana and Stefano Sollima on The Legend of Red Hand has been an absolute pleasure, especially on a short movie for a brand with such rich Italian Heritage. Playing Davide, a character named after the founder of Campari was a great responsibility, and I am excited for viewers to find out more in next year.”

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Gruppo Campari: “This year, The Campari Red Diaries campaign takes a new and interesting turn; we are demonstrating Campari’s ambition for creating the perfect cocktail whilst continuing the celebration of talent in the art of bartending around the world. We are thrilled to have Zoe Saldana, Stefano Sollima and Adriano Giannini at the heart of the movie and looking forward to launching the full film which takes our fans on the journey to discover what lies beyond the Legend of Red Hand.”

Keep an eye out in 2018 when the short movie will be released on Campari’s official YouTube channel.