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Mikey Enright Kicking Goals with INXS

Sydney mixologist Mikey Enright has been appointed to create his unique rendition of the INXS track ‘Kick’ as part of the Rekicked campaign – a collaboration between Optus and INXS.

The partnership sees talented individuals aka ‘Rekickers’ interpreting classic tracks from the album ‘Kick’, where each shares their interpretation of one of the tracks and the story behind it.

Client Liaison have already covered their most streamed song, ‘Need You Tonight’, Sydney skate legend Poppy Starr Olsen kick flipped her way through ‘Mystify’, renowned dancer Maddie Peat gave a moving rendition to ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ and now, award-winning mixologist Mikey Enright is going all in with his cocktail rendition of ‘Kick’.

Behind the cocktail creation, Mikey met with band member Kirk Pengilly, and the two shared anecdotes over the bar of Mikey’s award-winning venue ‘The Barber Shop’ in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The stories and sounds were then transfused into an array of flavours, together with 42BELOW vodka to create the ‘Kick’ drink.

Said Enright; “I have never before used stories and sounds and translated them into flavours. This project has pushed my skills to the limits, but I think that the final product is a true representation of the album and when people taste it and hear the story behind it, I hope they’ll agree.”

The campaign climaxes with a Rekicked party bringing all the talent together in a live experience. The event will mix live performances across skate and dance and mix it with an exclusive Client Liaison set. This is where Mikey Enright’s cocktail ‘Kick’ will be revealed for the first time.